SkyBiz UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast Are Government Accredited

SkyBiz - Professional Ground & Aerial Videography,
Photography & Post Production

We are a video production company working closely with our clients at a personal level where we endeavour to totally understand their needs as well as being big on experience and creative input. Using a range of industry professional ground and aerial cameras and associated equipment in addition to amazing creative professional editing software we will help you sell your ideas, products or industry through high quality video media content. 

SkyBiz the company and its camera crew hold current CASA certication to fly commercial sub 7Kg drones and have attained special permissions to fly at night and with 15m of people*. We are also covered through specialised aerial UAV aviation public liability insurance for a standard $20M which is double the standard $10M and is required by more and more professional film shoots, councils, national parks and government projects.

We cater to the creation of short powerful videography solutions for small to medium size businesses and events . We take the stress out of your creativity and will work a cost effective solution for you to promote and sell your....


  • Business Concepts
  • Company Interview Style Promotions
  • Complete Rebranding of your Company Video Portfolio
  • Ongoing Video Services
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Golf Courses, Farmstead & Ranches
  • Tourism Show Cases
  • Luxury Boats & Yachts
  • Public and Private Events
  • Construction site historical analysis 
  • Aerial Photography
  • And anything else you can think of !


We can then work with your creative team to supply the raw footage or as in 95% of cases create the final fully edited show-reel in a format ready for upload to your website, social media or local in house TV screens

By engaging with us and spending just a little time from your busy day we can then set up everything we need to start organising the shoot. More than anything we recognise that as a business owner, real estate agent or event co-ordinator your time is super valuable and being able to rely on competent people who can get their job done without fuss is one less thing for you to worry about.

Digital Media Campaigns and Social Media Promotion

Not stopping and constantly understanding how we can create value for the videos we produce for our clients, we have understood that creating great content is not enough if no one sees it. Which is why we take the time to discuss with our clients the benefits of embarking on a digital media campaign through Google Adwords, Facebook and social media platforms to help you get your message out. 

This service ensures that you really get value for money. However as good as we are at making videos, digital media is not our forte, so we have partnered with some true experts in the industry which have proven themselves over the years with amazing client testimonials and results. 

There are very few video production companies that realise the importance of cross company collaboration and team work - we but we do.

We know that if make a great video to watch and help you create increased views through correct campaign management advice then you will trust us with all your future filming events. 

So partnering with SkyBiz is more than just a commission of work its creating a relationship of trust and creativity for the future.

Examples of companies we continue to do work for on the Sunshine Coast include:

Halcol Energy - Sunshine Coasts largest installer of Solar Powered Generation

Australia Wide Annexes -  Australia's largest manufacturer of Caravan & RV Annexes and Shades

HQ Wildlife Zoo - We create all the professional close up animal encounter and promotional videos for this zoo

Whale One - Sunshine Coasts largest Whale Watching and Eco Friendly Boat tour operators

Caravan World - Sunshine Coasts longest serving supplier of Caravans for over 40 years 

ViviaDigital -  We are now working with Paul Smith from Vivadigital as their Video Content Creators for current and new clients - 

CR Kennedy - Event promotion for Australia largest importer of DJI Drone and camera equipment 

We always ensure exceptional delivery of video media content for our clients and work hard to understand what's important to them, working with them to create an idea using our creative skills and their business understanding to ensure the clients vision is achieved.

Construction Site Compliant

In addition to this we hold INDUSTRY STANDARD CONSTRUCTION WHITE CARDS and have undertaken Civil Construction induction training through MYRAPID.com an online portal used by many national and international companies for WHS induction processes. We are also PPE compliant and if required our main vehicle is also PPE compliant including UHF Radio, Flashing Amber Beacons and Reverse Vehicle Beepers. This allows us to rapidly be inducted on a site and allows us to carry out aerial and ground based filming work. 

For more information on WHS relating to drone flights on construction sites check out our specific page here

Feel free to contact us for more information or to answer any questions, we are always happy to talk to you regarding your thoughts and potential ideas on new projects.

*Special signed participant release forms required

Douglas Mizzi Licensed UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast Use DJI Drones  and are experts in aerial filming

CASA drone licence




SkyBiz are Licensed UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast

Safety Our
No1 Priority


At SykBiz we take safety very seriously. We follow specific procedures to ensure that our shoots run smoothly and without incidence in order that people and property are always protected.


In the extremely unlikely event of an incidence we are however covered by specific aviation insurance for UAV drones and our pilots, giving you peace of mind on all projects ensuring YOUR safety is our top priority.

Douglas Mizzi Licensed UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast Use DJI Drones

DJI World

Leading Drones


Choosing a camera company for us to partner with is as important to us as you the client choosing the best videographer to shoot your footage.


Which is why we chose trusted leading aerial drone company DJI to supply our complete fleet of UAV's and ground cameras. DJI have proven themselves as industry leaders in both technology and safety and our current fleet fulfil all these important criteria

SkyBiz Licensed UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast save you money

Smart Financial Sense


Partnering with SkyBiz makes perfect financial sense as we fill the niche that most film and production companies simply cannot due to their size and capitol investment.


We use great up to date equipment, technology and software suites to ensure that your production is the most professional level ready to promote you and your business, products or concept at a price that's within reach of all small to medium size businesses and events

SkyBiz Licensed UAV Drone operators on the Sunshine Coast Use DJI Final Cut Pro X 10.3


Editing Suite


SkyBiz uses an industry standard editing suite by Apple to ensure your movies are both professional and well produced


Final Cut Pro X has been used by production houses around the world because of its high versatility and capability in handling film stock up to 4K, integration of special effects, titles and colour grading. All this makes for great movie watching. 

So be prepared to be entertained


Our Services

At SkyBiz we believe that working with what we’re passionate about shines through our work and into the final product, which is why we love what we do and what we film. Our creativity and dedication to short film productions is what were about.


Some of our services and areas of expertise include but not limited to.

Small Business & Tourism

Promo Videos


Do you have a small to medium size businesses, maybe a car dealership, garden centre, outdoor tourist attraction  like horse riding, jet-ski  hire or even whale watching, the possibilities are endless. Then it maybe time to take your company promotion to the next level with a fresh new up to date affordable video. Imagine those great aerial shots and up close scenes to really promote your story.

Real Estate


Do you have a commercial property, business, shopping centre or warehouse that you need to showcase or promote. We can help create an amazing show-reel. With our specialised drones we can fly inside and outside to give you and your viewers that fantastic WOW factor.

Residential Estate

& Land Agent


Creating a video of your property with both internal and amazing aerial shots will bring a level of professionalism for your clients and help visualise the true value of their property and vision for prospective purchasers. We can film or photograph residential properties all the way to that large vineyard estate.

Special Events
& Outdoor Filming


We can setup and film your outdoor event, golf course, theme park or tourism video. We can combine beautiful aerial shots with ground camera work at a great price that bigger production houses just can’t match. We fill that niche market thanks to our efficiency and business set up by keeping our costs low without compromising quality

& Marketing


Want to create that big budget production feel for your next marketing video, then having an aerial drone to take those cinematic shots is just what you need. Guaranteed to stand out from the run of the mill promo videos, aerial shots add a dimension that ground videography simply cannot capture 

& Boat Filming


Your vessel can be filmed for promotion or marketing purposes and is especially great when being prepared for sale. What better way to fully appreciate your crafts lines and handling then by air. But to fully capture the experience we can film inside your vessel and compile the finished footage into a short movie. 

Meet Our Fleet

DJI Inspire 2 - Beyond Imagination

Professional Aerial Cinematograpers UAV with its X5S camera, zoom and wide angle lenses this is the workhorse of the fleet.

Find Out More Here
DJI Inspire 1 - Creativity Unleashed

Professional Aerial Cinematograpers UAV with its 4K camera we have you covered with additional industry standard aircraft and pilots

Find Out More Here
DJI Mavic Pro - Where Ever You Go

With its small downdraft, multiple intelligent flight modes and 4K camera this is the perfect UAV for close building work both inside and out, active tracking and precise control.

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DJI Osmo - Re-imagine Movement

With its 3 axis fully stabilised 4K camera and custom lighting rig the Osmo is the perfect camera for both inside and out, bringing a whole new level of cinematic realism to your screen

Find Out More Here

Meet Our Team of Pilots & Videographers

Douglas Mizzi

Videographer & CASA Certified Chief Drone Pilot - QLD

Douglas Mizzi Licensed UAV Drone operator Sunshine Coast

Ashley Cripps

Videographer & CASA Certified Drone Pilot - QLD

Ashley Cripps Licensed UAV Drone operator Sunshine Coast


Show Reels

Our Primary office is based in Mooloolaba, on the Sunshine Coast SE QLD where we can service local areas from Caloundra to Noosa and up to the Hinterland within our immediate service ring. Our secondary service ring expands out to cover a 2 hour distance from the Gold Coast up to Hervey Bay. 


Come and see us! We don't just fly drones; we provide experience, expertise, know-how and consultancy services, and are able to offer a wide range of pricing options which may include flexible rates for multi drone flight projects.

Call us:

1300 55 69 79 / 0433 121 736


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