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A Little About Us


Fusion Innovations Pty Ltd trading as SkyBiz is an Australian GST registered company dedicated to the filming and production of aerial and ground cinematic and photographic pictures and movies. 


We are a full service outfit offering everything from raw stock footage to delivering the final edited product. We use high quality video equipment and we love what we do. With more than a decade in combined experience we are here to offer great quality work at a great price. We fit the niche where hiring a major film or production company for most small to medium business projects or events may prove inhibitive due to high cost. .


But a great price should not be thought of as  a reduced service or quality of product. As a boutique production facility its usually us the very people flying the missions, taking the videos and photos which actually do the edit and all the communication with the client. We offer a true personal service which most larger companies seem to lose as their labour force and departments increase.


SkyBiz comprises of experienced pilots, cinematographers and editors to ensure that we deliver what we say we will. 

Douglas Mizzi -  Chief Pilot , CASA and UOC Holder, Cinematographer and Movie Editor

Ashly Cripps - CASA Pilot, Cinematographer and Movie Editor


In addition to all the normal stuff that you would expect from a cinematic video company we also have a great mobile media studio trailer, which we bring down to events and larger projects allowing us to set up a secure epicentre to shoot from. Great for event co-ordinators, directors and other professionals to view footage or even somewhere to charge equipment and get out of the sun. 

Our Media Trailer Comprises,

  • 4K & HD screens,
  • 22 power outlets,
  • fridge,
  • lighting
  • 3 way power including  
  • Mains,
  • Total self sufficient solar with battery backup and a
  • 4KVA regulated inverter generator. 


And if your site or event is really large we can get around on specially designed eco friendly Go Caddy's which are stable 4 wheel electric portable off road vehicles. With a total distance in the tank of 35-40km and a top speed of 20km/h. These are really great enabling us to set up and set down from locations quickly where taking a car may impose difficulty. 


Working with an event co-ordinator or director we are able to ensure close communication to ensure we get the shots you are after. 


Choosing SkyBiz as a partner for your next project will ensure that you get a great high quality deliverable at a great price. 






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