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Wether you are a boat sales agent or a private seller we specialise in is filming boats and yachts for sale or promotion. Filming your craft with its sleek lines in motion powering through the water as we follow behind, side or above shows an angle totally unobtainable from any other vantage point. In fact of all the subjects for filming it seems nothing benefits more from aerial drone photography and cinematography than boats. What better way to promote the sale of your craft than having a great ground based video of the luxury internal appointments plus those amazing air shots. Sell the dream, use a UAV and make it happen.




Some pre planning for your boat shoot will need to be done, but not to worry its pretty straight forward. We will need an address of where the boat is moored or if trailered then the boat ramp for launching. We will shoot the internal video usually after we have finished the action video shots whilst it is moored back in a safe location, this should always be in a river or marina. We will have an idea of the shoot by analysing Google Maps to see several vantage points . This is important as we have to log our flight path especially when in a marina or river and need to be aware of bridges and powerlines etc. Once underway  we will be in CONSTANT phone contact with the skipper to set up the shots as we go. These shoots are all about angles not how far out to sea you can go. Each shot will be actioned in a precise manner and constant communication with the boat will ensure everything is done properly. 


We need to ensure that the winds remain no greater than 10 Knots out to sea. If you can see whitecaps on the bay or sea then we CANNOT film easily and may need to get shots in calmer waters like the river etc. But we will make these decisions prior to the shoot day and on the day and be constantly watching the weather. 


Generally boat videos will always be shot early in the morning so that we are finished on the water before the 10am winds start up 

Client expectation through clear and concise communication in addition to a pre-planned route will ensure that we create an amazing portrayal of your watercraft, boat or yacht simply at its best



Once the route has been approved, nothing can show visual impact like an aerial video over water.


All filming is done in a special D-log mode allowing for exceptional colour grading giving all kinds of effects for your promo video from colour saturation to a more cinematic feel.


Our Primary UAV for filming boats on water is the DJI Inspire 2 with its micro 4/3 sensor and X5 Camera, dual redundant batteries and multiple safety features. With a top speed of almost 100km/h and active tracking we can program the UAV to follow your boat from the stern, starboard or portside and whilst sailing along even perform complex manoeuvres like orbit in motion. The Inspire 2 is the absolute pinnacle in filming over the water. With inbuilt safety features and a time in the air of 25 minutes we have plenty of available battery to get all the shots we need. Able to width stand safely 15+ knots and a fully stabilised 4 axis gimbal every shot we take will be as solid as a camera on a tripod on terra firma.



Music is the other part of the story. We will ensure that we have great royalty paid sound track to compliment your video.



Finally editing your video is what puts all those magic shots and clips together. We can include as part of the video info overlays, highlighting features and appointments of the craft inset into the clip to give a truly professional feel to your video.


As a guide expect a finished promo video to be around

  • 2-3.mins


Remember that a long video without engaging shots will be boring and tiresome to view, the key is short sharp heavily packed movie clips that engage – not a 4 minute clip with 30 second flyovers. !!!



We can also include in the quote a wide variety of pictures from different aspects which are great for website and social media use.



Our works are single use only, this means that if you as a boat agent or owner pay for our media you can only use this for that single sale of that craft, you cannot archive our pictures to use again and again for sale of that boat. Should you wish to use our images across multiple boat agents please contact us as we can set up a multiple use licence for an extra nominal fee.



Our fees are business to business so all fees include GST, this will be included at the end of the Tax Invoice. Once the final edit, movie or pictures are finished you will be provided with a low-resolution draft copy with a watermark and an invoice for immediate payment. Once satisfied you will need to make payment before the media is released.


Please note that we require a proof of payment if you require immediate release, if paying by EFT you will need to provide us a bank email verification. Alternatively we accept credit card with a 2% surcharge if that helps.




We offer great value for money with a great professionally shot and edited end product – we guarantee that we will meet your expectations.



Whilst there are many boats for sale all using the same boring picture shots loaded on "for sale" website, none command the attention of a well shot video.

if your boat is of sufficient value and needs to attain top dollar then a professionally shot aerial and internal action video will make all the difference. Potential customers will view the same video over and over again analysing every detail and creating the dream in their mind as to why they should choose your craft as they watch it power through the water with themselves at the helm. 

We do not compromise on safety 

Of all the filming techniques, filming from a boat or yacht is simply the hardest and most dangerous of all tasks. Having even a slight sea of 0.5m with a 5-7 knot wind is enough to get the boat to pitch sufficiently that landing on a flat stable surface may be impossible, risking injury or damage to boat and UAV. We will not take off and land from boats whilst at sea.


Trying to therefore land or worse catch a 4kg UAV as can be seen in this video is simply irresponsible and doomed for disaster. When we film your boat we will ensure we do this from a shore location to maintain safety of the crew, boat and drone. Our insurance does not cover obvious and dangerous flying situations and the pilot always has the last say on safety. 


Please Watch the Following Video on What Happens When trying to Land on a Boat 




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