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Uses and Trusts World Leaders in UAV Technology DJI

Who are DJI ?

DJI are the worlds leading UAV technology company creating the perfect amalgamation of aircraft and cameras to bring a whole new world to you the client. 

With their focus on safety they are leading the way forward with international government aviation departments such as the FAA from the USA, CAA from the UK and CASA here in Australia. Their innovation for safety is truly inspiring which is equally applied to their craft build and camera technology. 



Why did we choose DJI


For us as a legitimate company choosing a camera and aerial drone brand to partner with is as important to us as you the client choosing a cinematography company - maybe like SkyBiz too work with. 


There are many drones out there but none offer the technology, redundancy, glass clarity, features and agility of DJI. They are amongst the most expensive style of drones available but when using these on a professional level we want too ensure we offer our client the best of what is available. 


We can bore you with heaps of technical stuff but if you really want to see a client overview of what our craft and cameras can do for you then take a few minutes to view the videos below.


As we fly DJI and use their cameras such as the OSMO  we really feel and trust we have the best technology available to ensure our deliverables are of the highest quality and that client expectations are met to the fullest. 


Check out these DJI movies below to fully appreciate our technology and fleet


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