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Safety & Professional Filming Considerations


SkyBiz takes aerial filming very seriously. In fact as licenced pilots we have to undertake the same general syllabus as airplane and helicopter pilots, including an exam and have a full understanding of controlled and non controlled airspace and how this interacts with the aerial drone.


Before EVERY job no matter how small we legally need to undertake a Job Risk Assessment for filming in the air which includes checking what airspace we are in, checking if we are within 3NM of a towered airport, risk to people and property and seek appropriate permissions including that of CASA or the air tower, local council etc and even monitoring constantly local air traffic.


All in all putting an aircraft into the air is the last thing we do after we carefully plan the mission and unfortunately most people do not fully understand what flying a UAV in airspace actually involves both legally and professionally.


Our training allows us to take on the risk of the mission and plan accordingly. Unfortunately using non trained pilots or pilots utilising a sub 2kg category for commercial work simply do not understand the risks involved and how to mitigate these.


The fact is that accidents do happen and MOST are pilot error or a lack of Risk Understanding, Mitigation and Control.


Before you make a decision to employ a cheap non licenced pilot actually sit back and ask your self would you hire a non licenced electrician, plumber or even doctor. Probably Not !!! Hiring a trained professional for your job is not just about safety considerations which are all par for the course, but a guarantee that your job will be carried out at a level that will meet or exceed your expectations.


Leave the cowboys to flying in the park and family outings and trust your next mission to the professionals.



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