SkyBiz Queensland UAV Aerial Drones
Electric Go Skate Caddys for Free on Big Events

Something for Free? 

If you have a big event or project that you book SkyBiz for we will usually bring down our Mobile Media Studio Trailer as part of the fee to set up as a base for filming from. As part of this we can also supply 2-3 electric Go Skate Caddys which are stand on electric vehicles that we can load up with camera gear and UAV's to get around your site quickly. Usually the cost of hiring these around around $150 a day each. 


Imagine shooting a large event and needing to get around quickly from place to place to film from different vantage points, but using a car is totally impractical as it means driving through crowds of people or simply not having access to those areas for what ever reason. Getting around on a E-GSC will solve those issues allowing us to get to those locations so that we can film efficiently without wasting time walking with gear.


With a top speed of 20km/h and 30+ km in the battery we can transverse paths, hard compact dirt tracks and cut grass areas to get to where we need to be quickly and with a payload of 20kg we can carry all the gear we need. 


Imagine how efficient it would be to film an event, vineyard, farm or a tourist video of Mooloolaba or Brisbane without having the hassle of wasting time packing gear in and out of the SUV and parking. All this means more time filming in more inaccessible areas more efficiently and less time finding car parking spots and carrying gear. 




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