Great Media Make Great Financial Sense

Having professionally produced video media elevates your companies product or service to a level that your audience would expect and reflects not only in your product but your company as a whole. 

So many times we see companies with such amazing products, people or services and they proudly promote home shot videos on their website. The film is shot out of focus, badly lit and often hand held and creates an amateur feel for what ever they are promoting.

When you are used to shooting home style movies for your company with a mobile phone and uploading the complete unedited version to YOUTUBE you may not fully appreciate the complexity of what is involved in a professionally produced video. On average a well executed 2 minute video comprising of aerial and ground film will have as many as 40 separate well shot scenes, each scene is edited to the time of the music, special colour grading is added, the actual time to film these scenes can be a full day and the time to edit this can be 6-7 hours, oh and everytime we put a drone into the sky there is a major Job Safety Assessment to complete as well. Wow who would know !!!

Whilst we understand that small businesses have to look after every cent it is also important to realise that well produced media will enhance your companies bottom line through increased  exposure.

So when talking to business owners it is really important for us to ensure the client fully understands the process and appreciates exactly what goes into a professional promotional video. At this point the client can start to a see the value and hard work involved

Costs for such videos can vary greatly depending on which video production company you use, here at SkyBiz we work hard to produce great quality products at prices which are fair and reasonable for small to medium sized companies based on our expertise and time involved and that brings the cost value verses impact on customers to within reach of most clients. 

Understanding the value of your investment not only increases your companies promotional awareness but increases how your customers will perceive you... Professional, Successful and Emotionally Engaging - and that should be the brief for any visual media. 

When you invest in our ability to deliver you are investing in yourself to tell YOUR story and that's is the true worth of what we do. 



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