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Corporate and Promotional Ground Based Video



In addition to aerial video promotions we believe that the complete story must also be told at a ground level and this is where we started all this years ago, shooting videos from weddings in years gone by to corporate product promo videos and technical instructional videos our experience with shooting from terra firma is where we learnt all about composition, editing and production. 


Corporate Product Promotion

If you have a range of products that you want promoted and highlighted, maybe a new line of boats, caravans, golf product or even fishing gear, a series of instructional video or promoting your new equipment hire business then we certainly can help. One area of filming that we do really well in is trade show interview highlights. 


Trade Show Interview Highlights


Being filmed at a trade show is really great, we set up the video camera gear and mics etc and will then talk about what you want to promote in a dynamic setting ensuring we focus on what you have to say. 


Each video can be between 1-2 minutes and are relatively easy to edit so its a great time to look at a package bulk deal where we can put together a series. 


Video Series Starter 

As part of your movie, we can also create 10-12 second graphic prequels which we would place at the start off every video to create a series feel for the different episodes 


Why Choose us.

Well we cater to the small to medium size business , we understand that every dollar and cent is important and that rarely...infact never, do we have a company that offers us an open price contract. What we have are companies that really want to get something moving but are price conscious, we understand that. We are ourselves fall into that small to medium size business so we know that most advertising budgets are pulled from other areas.


Sitting down with us and discussing your ideas and budget will allow us to move forward to identify a great value media plan that you will gain benefit from and be of great value in promoting your business. Seriously its a lot more affordable than you think, and unlike the Major Production Houses our fees for filming and editing are far more affordable without compromising quality and expectations. 



If your production requires music we will ensure that we have great royalty paid sound track to compliment your video.



Finally editing your video is what puts all those magic shots and clips together. We will edit your video and if required include your your company logo as an overlay; we will also have the ability to include text features and highlights integrated into the edit to ensure an engaging and informative movie clip. As a guide expect a finished commercial video to be around 1-2 minutes


Remember unless the video is in an interview style format,  those long videos without engaging shots will be boring and tiresome to view, the key is short sharp heavily packed clips that engage and highlight the business – not a 4 minute clip with 30 second scenes. !!!



Depending on the commercial application of the brief most commercial promo videos and shots will include a lifetime licence.



Our fees are business to business so all fees include GST, which will be included in the Tax Invoice. Once the final edit, movie or pictures are finished you will be provided with a low-resolution draft copy with a watermark and an invoice for immediate payment. Once satisfied you will need to make payment before the media is released.


Proof of payment is required prior to release, if paying by EFT you will need to provide us a bank email verification for immediate release. Alternatively we accept credit card with a 2% surcharge if that helps.


Non Aerial Ground Based Video Examples



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