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Media Mobile Studio Trailer


Everything we do at SkyBiz we do to the best our ability. We understand that bigger jobs just don't require exceptional flying cameras like the DJI Inspire 2 but a whole support system as well. This is why we have our unique fully loaded media trailer. This is an epicentre from which to conduct work onsite. 


The Media Studio Trailer is a self contained walk in workplace that is fully self powered by either 240v mains, on board 4KVA generator and a 4 panel 800w solar panel backup by a 750AH battery system. It has full lighting and an amazing 4K 55Inch main screen plus two 40 Inch HD screens. The trailer also has a working fridge and microwave onboard for those long days. 


Specs Include:

  • 4K & HD screens, 
  • 22 power outlets, 
  • Fridge, 
  • Lighting
  • 3 way power including  
  • Mains, 
  • Total self sufficient solar with battery backup and a 
  • 4KVA regulated inverter generator. 


It allows us to take this onsite, setup quickly and get out of the sun. whilst being able to view work with an onsite producer or event co-ordinator. In the case of an event it allows us the crew to have somewhere onsite that we can meet up, charge batteries and view material. It is the ultimate pop up work space. 


Using an HDMI cable we are also able to link our flight controller to the screens to view what the pilot sees. This allows for others to view what we film to ensure we get the scene required by a producer. By keeping in close contact with the pilot depending on the location we can attain great feedback. However please note that our pilots experience in assessing the shot and understanding safety requirements will have the last word on the flight route performed. 


Although there is a cost for bringing this down, the cost is reasonable and makes for a great and professional experience, once again it is a lot more cost effective than you may think. It is ideal on those bigger jobs where there maybe several people involved in a shoot. 


We believe that having this type of backup is often the difference in why we get those great projects. Our investment in equipment is far more than great drones we invested in ourselves as a company to be the best that we could.  Ask around and see who has this type of backup equipment to bring down. You may be surprised that we are the only ones in SE QLD that do.





As its always the case we will assess the shoot for suitability in bringing the trailer, generally bitumen roads are good, off road well kept grass fields etc like parks are generally Ok but OFF ROAD tracks are not suitable. 







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