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Uses and Trusts The Panasonic Lumix Range of Professional Cameras

Panasonic Professional Lumix Cameras

In recent years you may have seen a trend in professional camera use everywhere, we are now officially well past using camcorder style video cameras for professional use, primarily because of their lack of creative artistic ability and are seeing DSLR style cameras being used to shoot video for documentary use, promotional and wedding videos and even movies. 

Panasonic are leaders in the established micro 4/3rd mirrorless camera system which although looks like DSLR's are even more comprehensively setup for professional video use. 

The Lumix range of Micro 4/3rd cameras and especially the ground breaking Panasonic GH5 offers our clients the best in class camera film recording, better even than Canon and Nikon as noted by many independent film makers



Why did we choose Panasonic Lumix GH5


We chose the GH5 as our primary ground camera for many reasons, but the outstanding quality of the images produced by this camera offer an opportunity to go beyond what is expected. Capturing your vision through our lenses and transforming those images into a story.....your story. And this is what we strive to do by partnering with Panasonic Lumix cameras

It is often said that the real essence of what is captured on film is up to the eye of the camera operator and whilst that is true having the best equipment available is a testament of our dedication to you our valued client.


Check out these Panasonic Lumix movies below to fully appreciate our technology 


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