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Residential real estate aerial and ground photography is very specialised and requires the correct cameras and UAV’s or drones to ensure the project or commission runs smoothly.


At SkyBiz we follow a guideline we have created to ensure we capture constantly a high standard for all those shots and angles, but we don't stop there. We also ensure that different shots are filmed at 4K, 1080P both at either 25 FPS or 50 FPS with a D-Log colour profile so that we can colour grade your final video beautifully. In other words there is more to making a great real estate video other than just shooting with a drone and over saturating the picture.


Our Primary Fleet of drones, which include the DJI Inspire 2 with the X5 Camera, is the workhorse, able to take those great classic vista shots, its camera is truly unbelievable. Steady and stable in winds up to 15+ Knots


Our amazing DJI Mavic is the baby of the fleet, but small only in size as its ability is far and beyond larger drones on the market. It's the perfect UAV for flying possibly indoors, under the rear covered veranda area, out over the pool and off into the sky. Because of its small downdraft and its fantastic tripod feature we have total control and manipulation of this aerial camera in real estate. Still able to shoot 4K video and 12MP stills it rules the close quarters stuff and with its inbuilt obstacle collision its built with safety in mind.



The whole story is told with a beginning, middle and end. The middle often refers to the internal ground video camera work. We take special care to follow our guideline to the letter. We take meticulous care to ensure we have a smooth transition highlighting all the rooms, house features and out door areas – all shot with a DJI Osmo 4K fully stabilised camera and mobile custom lighting rig



Music is the other part of the story. We will ensure that we have great royalty paid sound track to compliment your video.



Finally editing your video is what puts all those magic shots and clips together. We will edit your video in one of the industry standard editing suites Final Cut Pro X (always latest version) with your real estate company name or logo included, optional picture of the real estate agent if required, we will also include text features and highlights of your client’s property integrated into the edit to ensure an engaging and informative emotional connection to the prospective buyer.


Remember that a long video without engaging shots will be boring and tiresome to view, the key is short sharp heavily packed movies that engage – not a 4 minute clip with 30 second flyovers. !!!



Should you require that extra punch to showcase your property we can shoot your whole video in the late afternoon capturing the Golden Hour with its softer natural lighting. SkyBiz are certified to fly at night so we can finish with a final night-time shoot of your property with long exposures to get those amazing cinematic pictures and video.



If however all you need for your real estate portfolio are 5-8 well positioned aerial shots of your property we can also accommodate these as well. But remember nothing shouts attention like a professional video.



Filming in a safe environment requires that all people who are not connected with the shoot be 30m away from the UAV whilst in operation. In our experience we prefer for the occupants of the residence not to be outside whilst filming. Our Strict CASA Legal Operations Manual forbids us to fly in any situation where the pilot feels people, property or UAV may be at risk, this may include but not limited to over complex flying procedures, tress, inclement weather, rain, fog or visibility issues on the day etc. This can be discussed with the agent at time of filming. There maybe a requirement to inform neighbours that we will be filming at a particular time, the real estate agent may need to forward to client a printed graphic form for the owner to distribute to neighbours prior to our shoot informing them of a UAV filming at a date and time so as not to cause alarm and create awareness.




Our works are copywrited, we offer both single use licence and multi use licence depending on the package.

Single use licence to be used by commissioning agent on single listed campaign only.

Multi use licence can be used by agent or property owner across multiple agents, websites and advertising mediums. 


New Price List January 2018


Commission of Deliverables and Fees

All Prices exclude GST which will be included in the Tax Invoice. Once the final edit, movie or pictures are finished you will be provided with a low-resolution watermarked draft copy and a tax invoice for immediate payment. Once satisfied you will need to make payment before the media is released.


Please note that we require a proof of payment if you require immediate release, if paying by EFT you will need to provide us a bank email verification. Alternatively we accept credit card with a 2% surcharge if that helps.


We offer great value for money with a great end product – we guarantee that we will meet your market expectations.

Please call us to set up a meeting where you can view our guideline for real estate filming, a document brief used to ensure we capture your property at its best and in full detail.

Daily AD HOCK Rate for SkyBiz Filming Services -

Single Camera Operator


Casual Rate   1 hour -        $300
Half Day         1-4 hours     $900
Full Day          4-8 hours    $1500


SkyBiz Filming Services Licence for Stock Footage

Film Media Licence 


Single Use


Multi   Use


Exclusive Ownership Licence







Equipment Specs

DJI – Inspire 2 with X5S Camera incuding array of wide, zoom and low light / night  lenses

DJI – Phantom 4 P+

DJI – Mavic Pro

Panasonic Professional Series Cameras GH5

All Associated Filming Equipment, Sliders, Lights, Stands and Lenses

Edited in FCPX & Adobe Lightroom

Our Primary office is based in Mooloolaba, on the Sunshine Coast SE QLD where we can service local areas from Caloundra to Noosa and up to the Hinterland within our


Come and see us! We don't just fly drones; we provide experience, expertise, know-how and consultancy services, and are able to offer a wide range of pricing options which may include flexible rates for multi drone flight projects.

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