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We can setup and film your outdoor event, golf course, theme park or tourism video. We can combine beautiful aerial shots with ground camera work at a great price that bigger production houses just can’t match. We fill that niche market thanks to our efficiency and business set up by keeping our costs low without compromising quality



Filming an outdoor event wether it's a vehicle speedway, golf, sporting, theme park or tourism promo requires correct and accurate planning, It is important that the client expectation is met within the reasonable limitations of the UAV, understanding that filming outdoors requires special consideration where people are involved. This means getting a signed risk waiver by anyone where the UAV may fly between 30-15m towards that person before the flight takes place. This may not be that hard on a golf course where we have access to those private people in an event, but may prove impossible in a more public setting. Therefore flight plans need to be pre planned and followed in advance allowing for a minimum buffer of 30m from the general public.



Once planning has been approved, nothing can show visual impact like an aerial video, using special zoom lenses and shooting at 4k we can give the impression that we are actually only filming a few metres from people and property whilst maintaining absolute safety. Its part of what we do.


All filming is done in a special D-log mode allowing for exceptional colour grading giving all kinds of effects to your promo from colour saturated to a more cinematic feel.


Our Primary Fleet of drones, which include the DJI Inspire 2 with the X5 Camera also sports interchangeable lenses including a zoom, giving us a great scope of versatility in filming with 20MP stills and a swag of pre-programmed features and amazing obstacle avoidance technology. This is the fleet workhorse, able to take those great classic cinematic shots, this camera is truly unbelievable steady and stable in winds up to 15+ Knots


Backing this up up is the classic DJI Inspire 1 with its 4K camera.  if required we can organise a second pilot able to capture those great scenes from different angles


Our amazing DJI Mavic is the agile UAV of the fleet, but small only in size as its ability is far and beyond larger drones on the market. It's the perfect UAV for low flying close to trees and buildings. Because of its small downdraft and its fantastic tripod feature we have total control and manipulation of this aerial camera in these environments. Like its big Brother the Inspire 2 its still able to shoot 4K video with 12MP stills, it rules the close quarters stuff and with its inbuilt obstacle collision its built with safety in mind.



As stated above filming in a safe environment requires that all people are 30m away from the UAV whilst in operation or no closer than 15m if they sign a risk awareness disclaimer. With the advent of filming in 4K plus use of zoom lenses we can zoom in close in post production giving the feeling of a great close up with minimal risk. A full safety evaluation will need to be made prior to filming with any UAV once a general overview has been attained by phone. This type of planning depends on good communication with the client or client representative. A signed overview may need to be in place depending on the complexity of the project. Our Strict CASA legal Operations Manual forbids us to fly in any situation where the pilot feels people, property of UAV may be at risk, this may include but not limited to over complex flying procedures, inclement weather, rain, fog or visibility issues on the day. This can be discussed with the client on the day.



Music is the other part of the story. We will ensure that we have great royalty paid sound track to compliment your video.



Finally editing your video is what puts all those magic shots and clips together. We will edit your video if required with the real estate name or company logo included; we will also include text features and highlights of the property integrated into the edit to ensure an engaging and informative movie clip. As a guide expect a finished commercial video to be around

  • 2-3.mins for a mid size event
  • 3-4 mins for larger size event


Remember that a long video without engaging shots will be boring and tiresome to view, the key is short sharp heavily packed clips that engage and highlight the outdoor event – not a 4 minute clip with 30 second flyovers. !!!



We can also include in the quote a wide variety of pictures from different aspects which are great for website and social media use.



Generally once an event video has been commissioned it comes with a lifetime licence for the owner to use on multiple sites and websites



We offer great value for money with professionally shot and edited end products and discounts for repeat business. Prices for custom projects and events may vary depending on many factors, but don't worry all you need to do is ask for a quote and we will work out the rest.  We guarantee that we will meet your expectations. 



Our fees are business to business so all fees include GST, which will be included in the Tax Invoice. Once the final edit, movie or pictures are finished you will be provided with a low-resolution draft copy with a watermark and an invoice for immediate payment. Once satisfied you will need to make payment before the media is released.


Proof of payment if you require prior to release, if paying by EFT you will need to provide us a bank email verification for immediate release. Alternatively we accept credit card with a 2% surcharge if that helps.






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