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Why Choose SkyBiz ?

"Passion for flying, delivering excellence and documenting life through film"

That's our company mission statement, its what we choose to do.  


We are a company of movies makers and aerial pilots that are excited to create movie and document life - wether its selling a property, filming an event for a school, council, association, filming a companies new product line or new tourist video, we are documenting what's important to you and that makes it important to us. 


Based in Mooloolaba - Sunshine Coast
Based in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast perfectly positions us for local work from Noosa’s North Shore all the way down to Bribie Island, Morayfield and surrounding areas…. In fact our circle of work extends 2 hours form our base to include Gympie, Tin Can Bay and down to the Gold Coast for more specialised commissions any further just needs discussion depending on the clients requirements.


Cool Stuff

In addition to our great range of DJI aerial cameras and equipment we have some pretty cool gear that we can organise for your project depending on size and complexity, These include getting around your site on specially designed electric Go Caddy’s which are one person electric vehicles which we can load up with gear and skoot off giving us 35km of range, great for moving away from the main film site quickly. We also have our customised mobile media studio trailer which is a fully contained and self powered media trailer with 3 TV’s including a 55 inch 4K HD TV where you can watch our camera feed in a shaded professional environment allowing a director of photography to really achieve the look you may have in mind or simply if the job is big enough allows us to set up a secure base for us to work from.


No other company can offer these types of extra’s at a great price, that’s part our great point of difference.


We are experienced pilots and videographers that are easy to get on with and will ensure that we fill your specs for shooting your project. As experienced organisers if you need we will coordinate the immediate shoot site to ensure safety and an efficiently run aerial and ground based video and photographic event.


Ever Changing To Meet New Expectations

In an ever-changing industry we strive to evolve and change to meet the clients needs. if you have any filming projects in mind give us a call to discuss how we would be able to accommodate your ideas and if all you want is for us to come out and just do ground video work and compile a catalogue of your featured products for sale to promote on your website or Youtube etc. then that's easy too. So give us a call or get in touch for a no obligation quote. 







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